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Zeldas mommy lost her precious wedding ring! She needs to find it before father gets home or else she is in deep shit.

She hires her stepson and Zelda to help look, and offers a reward if its found: the convertible for a whole entire week!

The kids jump at the opportunity, scouring the palace and running over each other to check every inch of their home. After about ten minutes of searching in moms bedroom, her stepbro finds it! What a successful chunk of crap.

Zelda prays for it since he always gets to go out and has his own car anyway. Stepbro was pretty content, but thought maybe he could get a bj out of her.

Sure enough Zelda puckered up her lips and commenced inhaling that pecker, very disgustingly (the excellent kind) we might add. Since she was already putting out, she figured maybe try to barter her fuckbox and a white pearly facial cumshot for some chores.

What stepbrother could resist such an seductive deal????

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